MotoGP, Lorenzo on Iannone: "Involuntary mistake, Talent is neither bought nor forgotten”

The Spaniard on Instagram: "We chatted and his arguments convinced me. I hope that soon he will be considered free to practice what he does best"


Jorge Lorenzo has always been a character a little bit outside the box, and even after retiring (at least as a championship rider) he continues to be so. In the world of two wheels, few people have expressed themselves on the case that has involved and is still involving Andrea Iannone, but Jorge Lorenzo has decided to do it today on his Instagram profile, publishing a photo with him.

“They are all friends of yours when things go well” wrote Jorge in his post, “but many disappear when you have problems. I do not consider myself a friend of Andrea Iannone and I have never uploaded a picture with him. So, perhaps because I have always liked do the opposite, I don't see a better time than doing it today, when surely he need it the most.”

The Spaniard does not deny having had tensions with the Italian in the past, but he has now come to his defence...

“Yesterday we went for a walk on the lake and chatted for a while. We laugh remembering some anecdotes and I also asked him about his issue. He is the only one who knows the truth, but when I was listening to him, I saw him serene and his arguments convinced me. Like everyone, surely Andrea has made mistakes in the past, but I think this time the “mistake” was not voluntary.”

From today on therefore Iannone has one more man (and a colleague) on his side, as Lorenzo confirms in the final part of his post.

“So I hope and I wish that sooner than later he’ll be considered free to practice what he does best. In the end, you may like his "character" or not but it is clear that the boy has talent and speed. And as I said yesterday: ‘Talent is neither bought nor forgotten.’”



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