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Ezpeleta: "Racing MotoGP and Superbike together would be foolish"

The CEO of Dorna: "We don't race together with SBK because it would be silly: what do we put on the podium - Pirelli or Michelin? It is not certain that we will start in Jerez: we will try to move in this regard. Football has fewer problems than we do"

MotoGP: Ezpeleta: "Racing MotoGP and Superbike together would be foolish"

After revealed to us exclusively last week in one of our videos that he believes he will have a calendar for the end of June and the first MotoGP race in late July, Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna, has returned to the same topics with AS, going into detail on some of them.

"The President of the FIM, Jorge Viegas, spoke, like others, of having Moto and Superbike compete together, but this is foolish: television pays for the race weekends and I have no intention of running the MotoGP and SBK championships at the same time on the same circuit and on the same weekend. There will be enough SBK races, they will be on the same circuits, but not on the same weekend. If they were in the same place what advertising would you do? Michelin or Pirelli, and what about the podium?".

It's all correct reasoning that Ezpeleta had already explained last week...

“I have already ruled this out it and there is not the slightest intention nor was there ever the intention to hold MotoGP and SBK at the same time. Furthermore, we are trying to reduce the number of people going to a GP and if we take SBK, SSP 600 and SSP 300 we become two thousand people instead of the 1,300 we want to bring to the paddock. I don't really know why people say these things. "

The championship start was pinpointed for Jerez, but Carmelo, without denying that this is one of the indications, said he was unable to give a precise answer.

"For the moment everything will be behind closed doors - he continued - but Jerez is not yet sure. I don't think we will have two weekends in a row in Austria before going to Brno. Now, more than anything else, we are clear on which Grand Prix we want to do, and we will place them where we should make fewer trips, but we still don't know which ones. It is not clear if it will be the 19th or the 26th, because it also depends on the Formula 1 calendars. The idea is to start at the end of July".

One final consideration was for football which seems to be on the point of restarting in every nation…

"Football has other problems that are different from ours. The players touch the ones next to them, and without masks or gloves. We race with gloves and a helmet that is more than a mask and we don't touch the riders next to us. This is our advantage, the disadvantage is the logistics where we have more difficulties because we move many more people to the races, while a football game moves about one hundred".

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