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Moto3,  Suzuki: "I want to bring Marco Simoncelli's dad back onto the podium"

“When I won in Misano I think Paolo had a flashback. My first time at a race was in Suzuka on the day of Kato's death, right in that corner "

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It was a great start to the week for the traditional live broadcasts of Yesterday, in fact, on our Facebook and YouTube channels, we had a chat with Tatsuki Suzuki, Moto3 rider for the SIC58 team - the first, and so far, the last, poleman of the season. During the live broadcast, we asked the "Riccione-Japanese rider" about a lot of anecdotes, but one of the most popular questions from listeners was about the rapport between Tatsu and Paolo Simoncelli.

“As soon as I started racing in the team - Suzuki revealed - we didn't have a great relationship, he was always close to Arbolino. Over time, however, we got closer and he taught me many things, I think as he did with his son Marco. I have become a professional rider thanks to Paolo ".

How exciting is it to run for the Simoncelli team? Do you feel a strong link with the figure of Marco?

“The first year I didn't feel anything in particular, but then slowly I understood. Here in Riccione there are a lot of things dedicated to him and now it gives me a lot of energy and I know what it means to race for such a team. It's something more, I can't finish a race in 20th place with Marco's colours on me, I want to bring his dad onto the podium. "

Like at Misano in your first victory in the world championship...

“When I won in Misano it was great, but I know that for Paolo it wasn't easy, I think he had a flashback from when Marco did it. After the podium I didn't see him for a few hours, he was in his truck alone, then I went, and you could see that he was tried ".

"In Moto3 we are all out of our minds"

As we said before, Tatsu was the poleman at the only Moto3 race held this season. Did you expect to get a better result than fifth place on that Sunday in Qatar?

“Honestly yes, even though the weekend was positive. I set pole position on a track that I don't like and where I had never even finished a race, I was in front throughout the whole race and I was fighting for the podium, it was a shame. "

Still talking about Moto3, who is the most ‘badass’ rider you have ever faced on the track?

“The Moto3 riders are all pretty ignorant, a lot of them have made me angry, but last year I got particularly pissed off with Rodrigo and Binder, who are great brakers and always fight for the first positions. Moto3 is an unusual category, when I watch the races again, I think we are out of our minds, especially in the last few laps ".

"I would like Marquez's technique and Rossi's character"

This will be your sixth season in the Moto3 world championship, when will you switch to Moto2?

"The goal was to move to Moto2 in 2021, but with this stop, things get a bit complicated. The idea of ​​moving up a category excites me and gives me an extra boost; from a technical point of view I think I can do it while I know that as regards the physical aspects I will have to work on that. "

And MotoGP instead? How long do you think it will be before you get into the top class and above all on which bike?

“I would like the Suzuki; you know Suzuki on a Honda would not work. No, joking aside, the Suzuki is a bike that is really strong and has proven to be successful and fast in every circuit. Not much can be done on the Honda, there is Marquez and that is a bike tailored for him, it would be nice to beat him with a different bike. I hope to arrive in MotoGP in 3-4 years".

You spoke about Marc Marquez and Honda. In your opinion, is their bond unbreakable?

“I think Marc will always stay with Honda. He is not interested in showing that he can also win with another bike, at the moment the Marquez-Honda combination is perfect, and I believe he will win 5 years in a row and then stop there. "

What are three qualities that you would steal from three MotoGP riders?

"I would steal the riding technique from Marquez, the character from Valentino and Dovizioso his professional mentality, I have no doubts".

"Wayne Rainey is my idol"

Always remaining on the subject of the top class, who were your idols as a boy? Is there anyone from Japan among your favourite riders? For example, do you have any memories of Kato and Abe?

"My idol was Wayne Rainey, but in general I liked all the riders of the 500 of that time. Wayne is my idol but also Kenny Roberts and Kevin Schwantz. As for the Japanese yes, of course. My first race I saw live was in Suzuka, on the day of Kato's death and right in that corner. Instead, regarding Abe, I took a picture together with him once in Japan. "

As well as being involved in the world championship, have you ever thought about some "extra" races? Like for example the Suzuka 8 Hours or the Tourist Trophy?

“I prefer sprint races, to convince me to do an 8 Hours they will have to make me a big offer. Then I have never been a big fan of production-derived bikes, maybe at the end of my career I could try an experience in BSB, that championship fascinates me. As for the TT, however, I would like to go around the island but not with those bikes, perhaps with a scooter to enjoy the landscape which is really fantastic. When I was doing minibikes, I had a friend who didn't come back from the TT, and so it scares me. "





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