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MotoGP, Rossi: "A son? I wait for the moment I am ready, but I am never ready,"

VIDEO - Valentino joked with the motocross rider Paulin: " I feel that I am 20 not 40. MotoGP of Nations? I would do it with Morbidelli and Dovizioso"

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Many MotoGP riders are big motocross fans and Valentino Rossi is no exception. The Doctor had a chat (you can watch it in the video above) with Gautier Paulin, Yamaha's off-road rider.

"I’ve always followed Motocross GP, but I’ve never seen a real race live, we need to organize something" said Valentino, who then invited Paulin to the Ranch to train.

Above all, there is one thing that Rossi envies the MXGP riders: The Motocross of Nations, a competition in which they challenge each other, divided appropriately enough …into nations.

“The Motocross GP of Nations is something special and we are a little bit envious because we don’t have it,” commented the Doctor. “It’s a very fun event, if we had it in MotoGP in Team Italy, I would like to take Franco Morbidelli and Andrea Dovizioso.”

Valentino also spoke of his desire to continue racing, exchanging views about the topic with Gautier.

“When you are 30 you never know when you will finish, because you still have a lot of power,” he said.It depends on your motivation, depends if you try to improve yourself. If you have enough passion and you like what you do, you can go on. It’s true that motocross is more physical for them compared to us, MotoGP is physical also but MXGP is the hardest thing to do with a bike.”

Rossi then commented on the possible start of the championship.

“I think that everyone wants to race, if we don’t have any extra problems, I think in the second half of the year July or August will be possible. It will be a shorter championship with less races, less people at the race. Behind closed doors is not much fun, but I think we can have a number of 8 to 10 races.”

Finally, he also joked about the possibility of becoming a dad soon…

“I am 41 so I think I don’t have a lot of time left, maybe soon in a short period. In my idea it’s always positive to have a child and I want one, but sincerely I feel that I am 20 not 40. I wait for the moment I am ready, but I am never ready,” he laughed.



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