MotoGP, Razali: "Valentino Rossi in Petronas? Decision by August."

VIDEO - "At the moment, we don't know who’ll be replacing Quartararo next year. We have some Moto2 riders on the list, including Vierge."

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Razlan Razali is Team Principal for Petronas, and he’s gotten used to being asked the same question for the past few months: Will Valentino Rossi join his team?

The Doctor recently expressed his desire to continue, so joining the Malaysian team is practically expected. Razali, however, also said he has not yet had any contact with Rossi.

The Petronas manager answered questions from fans on Facebook (click on the image above to watch the video) and, of course, he spoke about the Doctor.

Everyone is wondering who’ll be replacing Quartararo,” Razali smiled. “We have some riders on the list, Moto2 riders, including Vierge, of course, who races in our team. Without racing, and with a championship with just a few races, we don't know what we’ll do. Valentino is obviously an option but, at the moment, I can't answer. We’ll have to decide by July or August."

Translated by Leila Myftija

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