MotoGP, Marc Marquez: "I was scared once at Mugello in 2013"

The Spanish champion fell at 300 km/h: "Wanting to reach the limit is in my DNA. To get more than others, you have to risk more than others."


Marc Marquez seems like a rider who's immune to fear. The Spanish champion is always looking to reach the limit, without paying too much attention to the consequences. But he's not a robot, and he's had to deal with a sensation in the past that no one would like to experience, especially on a motorcycle.

It happened in 2013 at Mugello when he lost control of his Honda at 300 km/h while covering the main straight towards the San Donato corner.

"In a few tenths of a second, I decided to jump off the bike. Luckily, I did," he stated on DAZN in an interview that will be aired on Mother's Day, May 10th. "It was the only time I left the track on a stretcher, and also the only time I was afraid."

Marc got away with just a few scratches, but it could have been worse since he had just missed the wall.

I was afraid because I was conscious, and I knew that something really serious could happen to me," he explained. "That fall affected me all weekend. I couldn't pass at the same point at the limit. Thankfully, I forgot about it during the race."

Marquez is a rider who often falls. You can say that trying to reach the limit is almost a mission for him.

"The balance between risk and reward is difficult,"  he explained. "Without risk, there are no rewards, and if you want a reward greater than that of others, you have to risk more. Seeking the limit is in my DNA.”

Even if you're prepared, you sometimes hit the asphalt.

Falling is never a good thing, but having experience helps," Marc revealed."When it happens, I tighten my body and hold my shoulders. I prepare myself for the fall, trying to arrive by sliding on the gravel with my feet up. You can't train to fall, but if you fall a lot, in the end, you're half trained."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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