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MotoGP, Razali (Petronas): "I hope Rossi will at least send me a WhatsApp"

Malaysian team manager: "I check the phone every day, but for now, nothing. We certainly wouldn't ignore Valentino, but we have to understand what he wants."

MotoGP: Razali (Petronas): "I hope Rossi will at least send me a WhatsApp"

I check the phone every day but, for now, I haven't seen anything. I hope Valentino sends me at least one WhatsApp or something like that," Razlan Razali stated. Razali is team principal for Petronas, the team in which Rossi should be racing next year.

Recently, the Doctor made it clear that he is almost convinced that he'll also be racing in 2021. Yamaha, on the other hand, has already promised him a bike that is completely identical to the ones that the official team duo, Vinales and Quartararo, will ride, but with other colors.

All they have to do is reach an agreement with the Malaysian team but, for now, there have been no contacts between the parties yet, which is what Razali told

So far, nothing, so let's keep the door open." the manager continued. "If it happens, we'll certainly consider it. We'll not ignore him. He's a nine-time world champion and is really important in terms of marketing and exposure."

Even if the Petronas team should be developing young riders, they'd be happy to make an exception for Valentino. "We have to understand what he wants," concluded Razali. And we feel like we should add how Yamaha will intervene in this operation.

Everything is at a standstill for the moment, but Razlan's phone could ring soon.

Translated by Leila Myftija

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