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MotoGP, Tebaldi (VR46): "Ready to reopen the Ranch on May 4th"

"We are working in close contact with the Italian Federation to comply with the restrictions. It would be important for riders to train 2 or 3 times a week"

MotoGP: Tebaldi (VR46): "Ready to reopen the Ranch on May 4th"

With the start of Phase 2, on May 4th, professional riders will be able to train again, and the tracks are ready to reopen, albeit with some important restrictions. Among them there is also the Ranch, Valentino's flat track circuit, on which the Doctor trains with the riders of the VR46 Riders Academy.

"Sports clubs will remain closed, but sportsmen of national interest will be able to train individually, and the Italian Motorcycle Federation is drawing up a list" explained Alberto 'Albi' Tebaldi, Rossi's right-hand man and head of VR46.

These days he is in close contact with the FMI to see when and how the track will reopen. The gates of the Ranch had closed before the government imposed a stop on sports due to the coronavirus.

“We had still organized some training, under medical supervision thanks to an agreement with the Medical Centre of the Misano circuit but then we had decided to stop,” said Albi. “Our area, that of Pesaro and Rimini, was hit hard by the epidemic and it did not seem right for us to continue training. We did not like to keep an ambulance on the track busy in those moments, and also the riders, in the event of an accident, would have taken risks by going to the hospital, which were already in an emergency ".

Now the situation is not so serious, and we can think of starting up the engines again.

“We are waiting for specific measures and we will adapt,” continued Tebaldi. “The Federation is helping us not to make mistakes. On 4 May we should be able to start again by implementing all the necessary measures, including the sanitization of all the premises ".

It is undoubtedly a great opportunity for the Riders Academy riders who for nearly two months have not been able to put their hands on the bars...

"For the riders to get back to training is very important - says Albi - We have the flat track, the soft cross track and the oval track, so being able to use them at least 2 or 3 times a week would be precious for them before starting again with the races. Then we hope that the Misano circuit can also reopen, so that we can organize a training day there too. "

VR46, Valentino's merchandising company, will also reopen on 4 May.

“We will return gradually and those who can, will be able to continue working from home - explained Tebaldi - We will start with the strictly necessary staff, activating all the measures to safeguard the health and jobs of our staff. It’s not only in racing that it is fundamental to contain the costs”.

The engines are idling, waiting for the gas to be opened….



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