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Moto2, Bastianini: "The Ducati doesn't scare me; it suits my style"

"MotoGP is not a priority at the moment, this year I want to be with the top guys. The VR46 Academy? An excellent school, but I can do my best on my own"

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A live show dedicated to Enea Bastianini went on air yesterday on the social channels of GPOne. The Romagna rider is obviously grappling with the quarantine, which he is going through together with his fiancée after starting the season in a great way, climbing on to the third step of the podium in the race (the only race so far) in Losail.

“I'm fine - says Enea - but I really want to get back on track and wait for May 4th to return to training completely. I was extremely busy after the Qatar podium, so I don't know if it was good or bad having to face quarantine with the euphoria of a good result in the mind. "

On Sunday you will return to the track, albeit virtually, in the first eSports Moto2 race.

“Exactly, it's a nice way to spend time in these particular moments. I like the game (MotoGP20, Editor's note), it is very realistic and is not particularly forgiving, in fact at the beginning I struggled and in general I still crash often. "

Going back to reality, how do you rate your first season in Moto2?

“There was no lack of difficulties, especially after the crash at the Red Bull Ring, but until then I had scored some good results. In general, I am satisfied with what I have done and with what I have learned, also in view of the current season ".

Some observers have proposed a future in MotoGP for you. Which bike would you like to debut with?

“I think the Ducati is a bike suited to my style, since I like to brake hard and glean the trajectories: it wouldn't scare me to debut with the Ducati, even if it's difficult to say before getting onto the bike. The Yamaha and Suzuki are perhaps simpler motorcycles for a novice, while the Honda can only be ridden by Marquez. MotoGP is not a priority now, however; I just want the season to start again ".

Ever since your debut in Moto3 you have shown that you can adapt quickly. What do you remember of your first win in the minimum engine capacity?

“There are many anecdotes about that day, starting with those related to my hair. The night before the race I felt that I would win and I wanted to dye my hair, so I left the Misano circuit with the scooter to go to my hairdresser, returning to the paddock at about midnight. In the morning I got up in a really great mood and I managed to win. "

In Moto3 you also had difficult times.

“The season in the Estrella Galicia team was not easy, it was the first time that I was in a foreign team and I was unable to be really at ease. The following year I was reborn in the Leopard team, although bad luck did not allow us to achieve what we deserved. I like family teams, and the Italtrans team is certainly one of them, in fact there I feel really good. "

Bastianini: "The VR46 Academy? An excellent school, but I can do my best on my own"

You have always had the number 33 in the world championship. Is there a reason for this?

“I chose this number because I started riding motorbikes at 3 years and 3 months of age. Initially I used the number three, but then it could not be used so I opted for 33 ".

From that day to today you have had a lot of opponents. Which were the most ‘badass’?

"In Moto3 I have been up against too many riders to mention (laughs), the first ones that come to mind are Arenas and Rodrigo, especially the latter who never held back when overtaking."

Which riders have you had the best relationship with?

“Difficult to say because I know several riders well; the first that come to mind are Migno, Antonelli, Manzi and Bagnaia. I frequent many riders off the track, we have a lot of fun. "

Have you ever thought about joining the VR46?

"I consider the Academy an excellent school, but I found that all alone I can make it the way I want it, so I decided to go my own way."

Let's go back to the present. What is the goal for the season?

"The goal is to finish first (laughs). Seriously, I would like to stay up front as much as possible, to remain constant unlike last year: I would like to stay in the top five and fight for the podium, and then do the reckoning at the end of the year. Who do I fear most? Hard to say, at the moment I think ten or so riders can fight for the title: a hot name is certainly that of Baldassarri ".

What is your weakness now?

"Last year I lost heart too much during the forced stop due to injury, and when I got back on track, I was very demoralized. I hope not to make the same mistake in the future, I must try to always remain positive. A mental coach? I never thought about it. "

If you could steal a skill from three MotoGP riders, who would they be? And what would you steal?

"I would definitely take Marquez's speed, Valentino's wisdom and clean riding and Dovizioso's concentration."

And a rider from the past instead?

“If you can consider him a rider from the past, I would say Stoner, who was perhaps the most talented rider to have raced in the world championship. He did incredible things, especially at Phillip Island, he was one of the riders that I have tried most to emulate. "







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