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Liberty Media, Formula 1: off we go. Now we wait for Dorna with MotoGP

Chase Carey, boss of Liberty Media, has announced a short calendar of even 15/18 GPs that will end before Christmas. MotoGP will share the same circuit with F1 for debut race: The Red Bull Ring

MotoGP: Liberty Media, Formula 1: off we go. Now we wait for Dorna with MotoGP

Formula One will have its 2020 calendar, confirmed Chase Carey, Liberty Media's number one. The top motor racing formula will start on 5 July, in Austria, behind closed doors: the first of a series of 15-18 races that will take place between Europe, Asia and America and which will end before Christmas. Apparently, Monza will be part of the calendar.

"We're targeting a start to racing in Europe through July, August and September, October and November, would see us race in Eurasia, Asia and the Americas, finishing the season in the Gulf in December,” declared Carey who also added that a calendar would be published shortly.

The man who replaced Bernie Ecclestone as the head of F1 also added that he does not despair of being able to welcome back spectators in the second half of the championship.

The European Formula One season will probably come to an end on September 6 at Monza before taking off and allowing a more than substantial world championship, taking account of the pandemic in progress.

Many problems still remain to be solved, however, because safety and health remains the priority: what matters is that Carey has shown a firm will to start again. The same will that Carmelo Ezpeleta is showing for Dorna, which however has not yet expressed itself in equally positive terms.

The reality that not all the decisions, both by Carey and Ezpeleta, are in their hands: the safety of nations is paramount, and these have the final word.

One positive note, however, regards the world of two wheels: it seems that Manel Arroyo, Ezpeleta's right hand man, is taking charge of the situation of the media. That is, he is looking for a solution to allow, at least initially a small group of representatives of the press, to follow the events, and then gradually open things up when the situation allows. A draft 2020 post Covid-19 calendar is also expected soon.

Clearly the awareness that everyone is important, even if no one is absolutely necessary, is starting to make headway.

After all, TV and the press - most of which have now moved over to the web - feed on and off each other and this pandemic has shown that video interviews are no longer the absolute prerogative of television networks.

Progress, moreover, constantly forces us to rethink what previously we took for granted, but in compliance with the rules – the laws governing TV rights - in recent months thanks to the internet and new technologies there has even been an expansion of the user base, fans , who have even had an opportunity to dialogue with the protagonists through live streaming meet-ups on the most popular social networks.

In short, it is a new world also for motor sport, what we have before us and, as always in the history of mankind, surviving means evolving. That is, we have to adapt to survive. So, it also means rethinking the rules and if F1 is wondering about a budget cap of even 100 million dollars, which the top teams don't like, we think that motorcycling will have to reduce its costs too. Opportunities come from problems...


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