MotoGP, Ezpeleta: "I would like Rossi to continue and enjoy himself"

"I never ask him when he will retire, he has the right to choose. 2015? I would like that problem now." Pol Espargarò: "Valentino is the biggest ever because he made MotoGP a passion for so many people"


Valentino continues, Valentino quits; not even the coronavirus emergency has brought an end to the speculation about Rossi's future. The big boss of Dorna Carmelo Ezpeleta and the KTM rider Pol Espargarò have also been speaking about the topic, as part of a long chat organized by the Spanish magazine AS.

Many observers think that MotoGP cannot do without the Doctor next year and, indeed, that his role is even more important in attracting fans after the long stop.

Ezpeleta did not want to take a position however: “I never ask Valentino when he will retire because he has earned the right to choose what he wants to do. We talked about when I think we will start the championship and my vision. If I would like him to continue? If he wants to, yes, Valentino can stay here as long as he is enjoying himself and I'm glad he does. "

Rossi is virtually a MotoGP ‘Highlander’ and the CEO of Dorna did not miss the opportunity for a comment.

“For me, the question of age is not a condition. Now they tell us that older people are at risk, but beyond that I have always considered that age is all in the head, of how much you want to do things. It's something that must be happening with the coronavirus, I thought I was young and doing things young people do and suddenly they tell you you're old, but I'll get used to it" he joked.

He also reverted to irony when they asked him to dredge up 2015, the year of the clash between Valentino and Marquez.

"Compared to the problems we have now, in 2015 it was like sailing in calm waters. We knew what was happening, what could happen to them and so on. Experience shows that we can always expect something more complicated. I would be happy to have that problem again now” he noted.

Pol Espargarò: "Rossi will remain the greatest of all time, even if he won't win anymore"

Pol Espargarò also recognized Valentino's greatness, which is not only on a sporting level.

"Until now, I reckon he is in first place, because he has the record of titles. Until Marc says ‘I have arrived’ - he said - Rossi will continue to be the greatest, without the need to win other titles. I think Valentino did for motorcycle racing what Nieto has done for it in Spain, but in his case globally. He has turned MotoGP into a powerful brand. "

And he has attracted so many fans, which can sometimes not be positive.

“Valentino has fans all over the world. In Barcelona Marc should be the rider with the most fans and Valentino the one with the most detractors, but this is not the case - he underlined- People love Valentino and the Montmelò circuit is full of yellow flags and hats. By this I mean that the greatest rider is not the one with the most titles but the one who has been able to move the largest number of people, something that Valentino has been doing for many years. He was the pioneer and genius of marketing, whether it be colours, flags, or celebrations. He has attracted a lot of fans, which is good, but also hooligans, which is not so good. "



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