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A MotoGP Vespa for Loris Capirossi

Quartararo and other MotoGP riders comment Capirex's latest endevour: "It'll do 200 an hour!"

MotoGP: A MotoGP Vespa for Loris Capirossi


Capirossi posts, Quartararo replies. Nice social skit between the French rider and the three-time Italian world champion, with Loris who posted a photo of his Vespa 50cc on Instagram, modified with a 140cc engine and the iconic number 65. Quartararo's answer: "A Vespa 50 di Loris = 200km/h". Capirossi then commented with a laugh.

Among the comments: "Listen to that sound at its lowest!!!" Baldassarri and a piece of advice from Livio Suppo: "Beautiful! A red top box instead of a black one would be even better!"

Translated by Leila Myftija

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