MotoGP, Lorenzo: "After retiring I was fat; in the future I would like a child"

"I had two or three months of vacation, but then I didn't like what I saw in the mirror. I always lived under pressure, now I'm happier and more serene"


How does a five-time MotoGP champion live in the months following his retirement? Jorge Lorenzo is having the first-hand experience, and he has been giving everyone a bit of background information on social media networks, chatting with the Spanish cyclist Ibon Zugasti. The Majorcan is currently in Dubai, but he is thinking of returning home to Lugano. "After the Valencia race I went to the restaurant a lot - he says - both for lunch and dinner, ordering all the non-dietary things like pizza or hamburgers: I ended up weighing 68 kilos, when my weight is 63 or 64 ".

Feelings of guilt, however, especially for a champion like the Spaniard, were not long in coming.

“I knew that the life I led on vacation was not a balanced life, but I was enjoying the moment, since I had decided to retire from racing. I thought ‘Now I'm taking two or three months of vacation’, but there has been a consequence and a result. I started to look fat and I said to myself ‘I don't like what I see.’ I have not published photos of my situation because I could have encouraged people to do the same, so instead I thought about informing them with some advice on nutrition, obviously basic info because I am not an expert".

This gave rise to the creation of the #JLGETFITCHALLENGE, which is however not the only current thought in Jorge's mind.

“This challenge is a positive factor for me, since I feel in shape, and I want to continue even when I return to Europe. I am also learning English better; I am watching watch TV series in the original language and I try to mark the words to be studied. Coronavirus? Every day I reflect for ten minutes on how to avoid contagion: it is serious, and it is not true that it affects only the elderly as some people say”. 

Jorge also analysed his past, where pressure has been a fundamental component of his life.

"I have always been a perfectionist, who felt the pressure and wanted the best for himself to obtain certain results: when I won my first race the next goal was to repeat it, and it was the same after winning my first title, from 250 to MotoGP . The best day was certainly that of my first MotoGP title, I became the first Spanish champion of the MotoGP era and thought I was in heaven. Professionally speaking I could have died in peace, but now on the whole I am more peaceful and happier”.

Happier now, taking the first steps in his new life.

“Right now, I'm a discoverer. I am doing what I like: a few years ago, I started collecting helmets and race suits of MotoGP riders and F1 drivers: I must have more than 100 items. Then I started buying vintage cars, it is a passion. In addition, I would like to know more about economics: I am reading books about it, and in the distant future I would like to have a son. "



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