MotoGP, Rossi: "I'm not the greatest in history, but one of the best"

Valentino: “The days all seem the same, but the only solution is to hang in there. My contract? We'll see."


Take an former  soccer player and a rider, have them meet on Instagram, and it's a guaranteed success. We're talking about Christian Vieri and Valentino Rossi, who took advantage of the morning to spend a few minutes together on social media joking around and laughing.

The idea started with Bobo who, after contacting Recoba, decided to also involve the nine-time world champion from Tavullia: “Vale, you're the greatest, the best ever. You're a champion like Federer, you're amazing."

"Thanks Bobo," #46 replied. "I wasn't the greatest in history, but one of the best. We can say that." Rossi and Vieri then spoke about being in lockdown: "The days all seem the same, but the only solution is to hang in there. You ask about my contract? I'll see. It expires at the end of the year, then I'll have to decide what to do."

During the conversation, Vieri promised Valentino that he'll go see a GP live one day: “Seeing a live MotoGP is a whole other story," Rossi explained, " as is the speed you feel. You can't tell from home. There are many aspects on the circuit that have an influence, like the bike engine."

Finally, the two take the opportunity to make not one but two promises to each other: “Vale, did you know that I sometimes use a motocross bike to ride on the track? It's fun but difficult. I'll come visit you in Tavullia, and we can challenge each other," he said jokingly. Besides a challenge at the Ranch, there's one more: “Gladly, and then we'll go see Inter at San Siro. I used to come often," the Doctor remembered. "That Inter with you and Ronaldo was really great."

In short, going from the track to the stadium, is no big deal!


Translated by Leila Myftija

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