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MotoGP, Dovizioso: "Difficult to ride after the break, he who succeeds will have the advantage"

"It’s not easy to take a MotoGP bike to the limit after such a long time. We’ve never had such a long break. It will be difficult even mentally"

MotoGP: Dovizioso: "Difficult to ride after the break, he who succeeds will have the advantage"


While the coronavirus is still keeping its tight grasp on the planet and there is no certain date for the start of the world championship, some riders are starting to worry about when they can get back on track.

As you will remember, there was in fact talk of a test before the first Grand Prix, to allow the riders to get used to speed again. It is no small problem, and in fact Dovizioso, who is one of the racers who is most careful about his training, has brought up the problem once again.

"We are simply not used to such a long break. Physically it will be difficult for everyone: you can’t be ready to ride a MotoGP right away, so the rider who is most capable of handling this problem will make all the difference. Even mentally it will not be easy. It will all depend on when we can return to the track, something that we can’t predict at the moment”.

In recent days, both Carlo Pernat and Fausto Gresini have had something to say about the matter of contracts, but also all the other manufacturers are asking themselves what to do, because while it is true that the sponsors pay for a number of Grands Prix, the riders’ compensation is only in part related to the amount of races disputed.

"That’s the case. It will depend on when we start racing and on how many Grands Prix races we do. With an acceptable number, at least 10, it won't change much. Motorcycle contracts are different from soccer contracts. We will have to see how Dorna will handle the situation. "



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