MotoGP, Beirer (KTM): "Unrealistic to race in July. I'm thinking September."

"I have faith in doctors and researchers. Like MotoGP engineers, they always manage to find a solution. I'm okay with GPs behind closed doors."


When will sports start again? Everyone is trying to answer this question, including the motorcycling world. Dorna released a statement yesterday expressing its will to race this season, even if he hasn't ruled out the possibility that the championship could be canceled. The Formula 1 hopes to start racing again in July, but this optimism doesn't seem to exist for motorcycling.

KTM Motorsports Director Pit Beirer told Speedweek: “With the current number of people affected, it's no longer realistic to think that we can race in July. But we have five months before September, for example."

It would mean starting with the championship in fall and then try to organize as many Grand Prixs as possible before the end of the year, extending the calendar in late December.

"I know that all doctors worldwide, many universities, and pharmaceutical companies are working on cures and vaccines against the Coronavirus, " Beirer added. "You can make a comparison with what is happening in the MotoGP. We can't imagine going faster by a second every year, but the engineers always find a solution."

This allows the KTM manager to be optimistic about the future and hope that things will return to (relatively) normal conditions in the coming months. The problem will be being able to travel and understanding how to organize the races.

We'll have to wait a few more months. Borders will gradually reopen," he explained. "There might be two or three races just for TV stations in the beginning, bringing a smaller staff to the paddock. Then we'll return to normal, step by step. We certainly won't have GPs where someone can't come."

Beirer refers to countries that will still have travel restrictions, so some riders or personnel won't be able to participate in the GPs.

"This is not an option, not for us nor for Dorna," he said.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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