SBK, LIVE - Casa Melandri: at 18:00 on our Social with Marco and Manuela

We will enter the Melandri House live and the former World Championship and Superbike rider will be available for your questions. Appointment on our YouTube channel or Facebook page


Today we will continue to keep you company during these long afternoons of forced quarantine. After the LIVE sessions of the past few days with Franco Morbidelli and Fabio Di Giannantonio, today we bring you to Melandri's house with the now former World Championship and Superbike rider ready to answer your questions and ours on many topics.

Appointment then at 18:00 on our Facebook page or on our YouTube channel. Marco will also be joined by his wife Manuela who will tell us anecdotes and curiosities about the long career of the 250cc World Champion in 2002.

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