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Moto2, Di Giannantonio: "I would like to be like Bayliss and win with Ducati"

"The Yamaha is the easiest bike for a rookie, but the Ducati leaves its mark. VR46? Useful if you have to find yourself inside, but I already have equilibrium"

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The guest of the day is Fabio Di Giannantonio, who is in the spotlights of our Wednesday Live show (you can see it HERE). In a period in which the bikes are not running, the Roman rider talks about himself, and speaks about his past, as well as his future ambitions.

Nobody knows when the races will start again, even if the Red Bull Ring virtual race in Austria will take place on Sunday, with the MotoGP riders in action.

"I would really like to do the virtual race - Fabio began - it would be nice to compare myself with some Moto2 colleagues, also because I am convinced that I could be competitive".

Attention then shifts to the intermediate class.

"I started my adventure in Moto2 with the Triumph engine and I must say that this is a real Grand Prix bike, which is very close to a MotoGP one. In addition to the engine, you feel different sensations in riding, and this impresses you. "

Fabio's mind then returns to the Qatar inaugural round.

“It was a shame about the first race, because we were in crisis with the tyre. The truth is that I had confidence in the front, in fact I thought I could get on the podium. Unfortunately, however, I started lacking grip and at the end of the race we even realized that there was almost an inch of thickness missing ".

Moto2 aside, he also had a comment for MotoGP.

"I take the view that the Yamaha is the easiest bike for a rookie, although I would like to try the Ducati and win. To tell the truth, the Honda also intrigues me, since it is a bike with which only Marquez can be fast. "

For a while Di Giannantonio will have to do without the bike…

“That's something I miss tremendously, even if sometimes I go down to the garage and switch mine on. Of course, being on the bike is special, also because everything happens so slowly; just think that in the race I can even see people on the side of the track ".

He also made a comment about the triumph of two years ago in Brno.

"That victory was special, it will remain forever impressed in my mind, since you never forget the first one".

However, the past is behind him, because now the mind of the SpeedUp rider is focussed exclusively on Boscoscuro’s team.

“Boscoscuro cracks me up, I consider him to be the boss. The thing that strikes me the most about him is that he never has his arms folded. I love the atmosphere in the garage, as well as the trust, I think these two aspects are fundamental ".

MotoGP, however, remains a topical issue during the interview.

"I'd like to get something from each of the protagonists of the premier class. For example, from Marquez, who is good at adapting to all conditions, while from Valentino I would take consistency. From Quartararo instead his hunger for victory ".

However, there is one rider who has left an indelible mark on him.

“I would like to be like Troy Bayliss, because he was only interested in winning and having fun with people. He has always been himself, without changing. I got to know him, I also went to Portimao, and he let me into the garage. It was an unforgettable moment”.

One of the topics was his failure to get into VR46.

“I think VR46 is particularly useful to arrive at the world championship, since at that moment you still have to discover yourself, while I already now have equilibrium. At the moment I have my group and I would find it difficult to change it. "

Finally, there is no lack of a rapport with the people of the paddock.

“Sometimes I exchange messages with Marquez, since we both love helmets, I’m often in touch with Dovizioso too. However, my closest friend is Bastianini, with him there is a great rapport, but I can also mention Migno, Baldassarri and Bagnaia ".


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