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MotoGP, Rivola: "Bewildered by Iannone's disqualification, the verdict doesn't make sense."

Aprilia Racing CEO: "We're baffled. The judges recognized Andrea's good faith. He should have been acquitted."

MotoGP: Rivola: "Bewildered by Iannone's disqualification, the verdict doesn't make sense."


Aprilia sent the following release after the news on Andreas Iannone's 18-month disqualification for doping.

Aprila Racing acknowledges FIM's eighteen-month disqualification measure for rider Andrea Iannone.

From a first analysis, it is a relief to know that the ruling recognizes a total absence of intention and the accidental intake of steroids, therefore, admitting the theory of food contamination, something that has never before occurred. This scenario opens up new opportunities for Andrea Iannone to appeal, but it is still baffling how the sentence - with the reconstruction that acknowledges Andrea Iannone's innocence in the facts, albeit without acquitting him - is entirely inconsistent.

In respect of the sports values that have always inspired its operations, with zero tolerance towards practices prohibited by regulations, Aprilia Racing has always reiterated its complete faith in its rider, and it does so now with renewed emphasis after this sentence, supporting him in his appeal to the CAS.

Massimo Rivola, CEO of Aprilia Racing said:“The sentence leaves us baffled because of the penalty levied against Andrea, but also very satisfied in its motivations. The judges recognized Andrea’s complete good faith and unawareness in taking the the substance, confirming the food contamination argument. For this reason, the penalty imposed does not make any sense. In light of the motivations written by the judges themselves, Andrea should have been acquitted, as has always occurred with other contaminated athletes, but this situation leaves us a lot of hope for the appeal, which we hope will be very quick. We want Andrea back on his Aprilia RS-GP. We will be by his side all the way to the end of this matter, and we will support him in his appeal.”

Translated by Leila Myftija

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