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MotoGP, Gigi Soldano: "My favorite shot? Rossi kissing the M1."

VIDEO - Valentino's photographer intervened in one of our live shows to talk about his career and also about his most significant photos. Our Paolo Scalera interviewed him.

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Gigi Soldano is a permanent presence in the World Championship paddock. A true decanus among the photographers on the track. Present at every championship, Soldano was the creator of some of the most important photos in the history of motorcycling. Today, he spoke directly with our Paolo Scalera to answer questions from fans about his work, which is also his great passion.

He spoke of technique, but also of actual art. From his first experiences in the Dakar, to when he became part of the big World Championship family. Soldano spoke with us about many topics, and told us lots of anecdotes, such as his regret for not having been able to photograph Valentino Rossi in 2004 at Welcome. No harm done because he then managed to immortalize him in 2010 in Valencia, when the rider from Tavullia bid farewell to his Yamaha before joining Ducati.

Accompanying their nice chat were a series of great photos both on the track and off, and Gigi Soldano explained the behind the scenes and also the real story behind each photo.

Translated by Leila Myftija

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