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Moto2, Luca Marini: "Getting in the MotoGP in 2021 is more difficult now"

VIDEO INTERVIEW - "The teams won't want to take risks and little will change. I don't know what happened to the tire  in Qatar. The first virtual race? I'm betting on Bagnaia as a favorite."

Moto2, Luca Marini: "Getting in the MotoGP in 2021 is more difficult now"

Like all riders, Luca Marini is home waiting for the time when he can get back on the bike. We reached the SKY Racing Team rider to chat a bit with him about what he's going through and about the future.

See the full video of the interview above.

Luca, how are you and what are you doing these days?

“I try to spend the days in the best way possible, doing things I didn't have time for. I watch TV series and films, I'm reading a book, I have my dogs and my fiancée with me, and I cook. My best dish? I don't have one yet. I try new recipes, especially desserts."

How does this stop affect your physical training?

It's impossible to train normally. I try to keep fit. even if it seems like the championship will not start shortly, so there'll be time to prepare. I definitely have to do something to keep the physical shape I had for the beginning of the season. I understand the need to safeguard everyone's health now. What we're doing is right, and I hope everyone can get back on their bikes and to their normal lives as soon as possible. We'll wait for the worst to pass. I think we'll all do really well when we start again. We'll be really psyched."

In the best case scenario, there could be many Grand Prixs, one after the other. How would you handle that?

If there are many races close together, constancy will be important and so will preventing small injuries. I think we'll be able to do it, both physically and mentally. This is our passion. The more races there are, the happier we'll be. Especially for me, since I'll be starting with minus 25 points."

Does this situation also complicate plans for the future?

The market will be more difficult for Moto2 riders. The MotoGP teams will have to try to reconfirm their riders, without risking much, and my idea is that everything will remain more or less the same in the premier class. We'll have less time to show off. We hope to start again with the races as soon as possible."

Even your brother Valentino has to decide about his future. Do you think he'll continue to race?

I don't even have a privileged channel ," he said laughing. "He knows what he'll be doing."

Speaking of Rossi, he revealed your nickname: the Russian.

The adjective fits. Sometimes it reflects reality. I'm cold but because I'm shy."

Are you in contact with the other riders from the VR46?

“We're friends off the track. We keep in touch. The Sky team also has a nice group. We spent two weeks in Qatar, and we had a lot of fun together. This great mood makes you want to start again."

Do you continue to challenge each other with video games?

"They're organizing Gran Turismo tournaments, but I'm not participating because I'm busy with Call of Duty."

Bagnaia will be the Italian rider for Sunday in the first virtual MotoGP race.

Pecco is scary! He often plays with the MotoGP. He'll surely fight for the victory. I'm betting on him as a favorite."

The race was anything but virtual in Qatar, and you were in control of it for many laps. Then what happened?

It was a shame. I had been fast all weekend. I imagined such a race, and I tried to impose my pace, trying to break away. At one point, I felt problems with the front tire, on the right side. I slowed down two laps, and then my times went up by three seconds per lap. The tire had some problems. I couldn't bend into the right corners. It was impossible to ride like that."

Did you figure out what caused the drop?

It was strange. Nothing like this had ever happened to me in the tests, and it's still not clear why. It was neither a problem with set-up nor with wear. Other riders also had it. Too bad that Dunlop hasn't yet given us an answer. Being in front, I was able to drive gently, so as not to stress the tires, while Nagashima and Baldassarri were fighting it out, putting pressure on the front tire in braking, and it was strange that mine had this drop and theirs didn't."

Do you have a message for World Championship fans?

The important thing is to respect the restrictions. In Italy, as in the rest of the world. We're trying to solve everything as soon as possible, in order to return to our lives, so that we riders can go back to entertaining you again."

Translated by Leila Myftija

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