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MotoGP, Quartararo: "I'm great with the Playstation, but more so in real life."

Fabio's preparing for the first virtual GP: "I'm training hard to be ready for the first race and watching the practice sessions on TV where I was fast."

MotoGP: Quartararo: "I'm great with the Playstation, but more so in real life."


Fabio Quartararo is training hard. Not only in the gym, but also in front of the TV with his joypad. The French rider from the Petronas team will, in fact, be one of the participants in the first Virtual GP scheduled for Sunday at 3pm. A little fun while he waits to find out when he can get back on the Yamaha M1.

For now, the only thing to do is keep fit, so that he can be ready to start again.

Fabio, how are you and where are you now?

"I'm fine. I'm at home in Andorra, and I'm training. The situation is similar to that in other parts of Europe. We're not totally quarantined, but I try to go out as little as possible. We don't know when we'll start the season, but we obviously have to be 100% fit and prepared for the first race, so I'm training hard and, of course, I can't wait to start the championship."

How are you training?

"More or less like winter, which is more or less the same program that I follow during the season. Before the championship, you can ride more bikes, do motocross, but now you can't leave the house, so training is as usual, without being able to ride. Basically, I'm spending hours home training to keep my body in shape. I try to watch what I eat, and that's all. I can't do much more in this extraordinary situation."

What else are you doing to keep yourself busy?

"Besides watching Netflix, films, and reading books, I call family and friends, I play on the Playstation, and I tidy up the house and the garage a bit. I'm not watching many races, but some practice sessions in which I was the fastest or where I'm proud of the lap I did, like in qualifying in Jerez."

How are you doing with virtual racing?

"I'm fast on the Playstation, but if I look at the ranking, I'm faster in real life! It's always nice to have fun with the MotoGP video game, and I'm really lucky to have one at home in these difficult times."

Are you able to keep in touch with the team?

"We have a Whatsapp group, and we send messages almost every day. I think it's really important to keep in touch with the people who help you a lot and who you love. We're a team, and we have to support each other. All over the world, people are going through difficult times, but we have to stay strong and move forward, and I'm sure things will get back to normal. I hope a good solution will come soon."

What's your message for your fans?

"I think the most important thing is to stay home. I know it can be really boring. I like to go out, I like to train, I like to move but, right now, the best solution is to stay home and stay safe. This is the message I want to share with everyone. And then wash your hands, try to keep your distance and not have physical contacts with people. This is the most important in this period. We must be more responsible than ever. I tell fans that it's hard for those who have a passion and can't wait to race, but I can promise that, as soon as we can return, we'll give you a good show, and we'll do as many races as possible in the MotoGP, and we'll have fun."

Translated by Leila Myftija

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