MotoGP plans to start in July with the Jerez-Le Mans-Mugello trio of races

The current situation makes it impossible to start in May, but the idea of moving the first 3 rounds of the season to summer is on the table


Officially, the start of the MotoGP championship is scheduled for May 3 in Jerez, but it is a date that is destined to be moved. The coronavirus is spreading all over the world and after Italy, Spain is also trying to cope with a health emergency that is bringing the country to its knees. The same can be said of France, the country where the Le Mans GP is scheduled for May 17, and so on for practically every state.

Dorna, at this moment, is trying to find a solution to a very complicated problem, with many variables to which it is practically impossible to take account of. Nobody knows how the situation will evolve in the coming weeks and, even if the epidemic improves, precautionary measures will clearly still be put in place. Especially for events like MotoGP, which moves thousands of people from all over the world.

Carmelo Ezpeleta, the boss of Dorna, explained that the priority is to hold as many races as possible, even behind closed doors. As time passes, however, the number of weeks available is decreasing and they will also have to deal with logistical demands.

At the moment, it is virtually impossible to think about starting in May and even the month of June, when there should be racing at Mugello, Barcelona and Assen, seems to be too close to be realistically taken into consideration. At this point, the most likely possibility is to start the MotoGP championship in July, in the summer.

That means there are three months to hope that the situation will return to normal, or at least a semblance of what was normal.

The idea emerging in these days would be to move the first three Grands Prix to July. We would therefore start with Jerez, then move on to Le Mans and then to Mugello. Spain, France and Italy are three of the most popular events on the calendar and it would be an excellent triple-header opportunity to start again and then see how to continue.

The goal of racing 19 Grands Prix is ​​surely utopian, but if some races are moved towards the end of the year (choosing places where the temperatures allow it) could still save the season.

Formula 1 hopes to start again in the summer and MotoGP cannot do anything different, even if the postponement of the Olympics in Japan has made it clear that at this moment nothing is certain. We can but wait.


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