MotoGP, Dovizioso: "This stop is helping me to understand so much about life"

"I like the hectic life of the racer, but sometimes it's too much and I'm realizing that you risk losing other important things too"


It’s a period of forced rest away from racing for everyone, even for the riders who are in the difficult situation of not knowing when they will start racing again. MotoGP ground to a halt at the Qatar tests in late February and the riders are continuing their training at home, trying to keep their concentration high. Among them there is also Andrea Dovizioso who yesterday, on his birthday, linked up with a video call to Sky Sport. Dovi told Guido Meda (also at home in a video call) and Carlo Vanzini, Sky TV’s Formula 1 commentator, how he is keeping busy during this difficult period.

“Unfortunately, I am not spending any time with my daughter because she was with mom at the beginning of the quarantine period and so I haven't seen her for two weeks, it's not a good thing. Luckily, I have a shed near my house where I keep all my stuff and I have a gym. I’m training and this space is making all the difference; these days are helping me to sort out a lot of things because physically I was not in very good shape. I'm trying not to play too many video games because they don't help, they just make you waste time."

Talking about the MotoGP season, Dovizioso focused on the winter tests that showed that Yamaha were at the same level as Ducati and Honda.

"From the tests it is difficult to understand the true situation, because there are some riders who want to set fast times and some who don’t - said the Ducati rider - So you never know who pushed 100%. For sure, in Qatar I would have been quick and I could have had my say in things but I don't know if I would have been able to do the same also in Thailand or in the other races that have been postponed because our opponents seemed to be in very good shape and the conditions would have been different than in Qatar ".

For the whole world of sport, given the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics, it will be a very special 2020. Many events have already been cancelled and so MotoGP is also getting ready to deal with a different kind of season.

“This will be a strange year, the level is higher and there are more and more talented youngsters, but we old guys can still have our say. We riders have a very strange life, Carlo Pernat has also said it, and these two weeks have made me understand a few things. It's nice to have a frenetic life, but sometimes it's a bit too much and you risk losing some important aspects. If this stop does not last much longer, it could also lead to positive things, but unfortunately too many people are already paying the price for it".



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