MotoGP, Petrucci: "Having to leave Ducati would be a disappointment."

"For my  renewal, we'll discuss it in the summer, in  mid-season. Starting from Mugello would be nice, but two more months without a motorcycle is tough."


The Coronavirus quarantine continues for both Italian and non-Italian riders who waiting to be able to return to entertain us on the track. Danilo Petrucci has returned to his city, Terni, to be with his family, and was interviewed by Sky to talk about both his present and his future. “I'm fine," Danilo said. "Even if, unfortunately, we're all stuck. I can train. I set up a small gym, and I go for bike rides, but  it's obviously not what we expected, since were supposed to fly to Thailand."

Uncertainty reigns supreme at this time, and Danilo also tries to stay up to date, and fit, in view of a change.

“Being a worldwide virus, the information is the same for everyone. We don't know if it'll start in Jerez. Some say that it could even start from Mugello in June, given that the Formula 1 will also start in June. It would be nice to start there, but I'd like to get back on the bike earlier because two more months without a motorcycle would be hard."

Petrucci then returns for a moment to the recent past and, in particular, to his feelings after he received the news of the first races being postponed.

“It was very disappointing. It'll be a while before I forget Davide Tardozzi's phone call when he told me that there was no race in Qatar and that Thailand was postponed because, in the beginning, you think it's not possible for a race to be canceled, then I started feeling the tension because we were prepared. The worst thing is that we don't know when we'll be able to start again, so it'll also have to be intensified as we get closer to recuperating."

All this certainly accompanies Petrucci's plans, for which the season is certainly of paramount importance, between his renewal with Ducati and the possibility of taking other directions.

"We didn't talk about the contract with Ducati. We certainly would have if the championship had started. Everything will be postponed until July and August, in the middle stage of the championship, so that we can to better see the numbers on the field. It's clear that I'd like to continue racing with Ducati. I've been with them since 2015, and I've always wanted to be in the place I am now. The renewal is in my hands. It all depends on my results, but if I'm not good enough, I'll have to look around, which I would regret and have not yet metabolized."

However, it's still early to talk about all this, and Danilo tries to find the positive side to the current situation.

"I'm with my family a lot. Unfortunately, I don't see my friends, but I have the opportunity to train outside, in the mountains, on the paths in solitude, and it's very nice to rediscover nature without being in a hurry to go home and leave the next day in a plane. You're able to find time for yourself."

Translated by Leila Myftija

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