MotoGP, Poncharal reveals: Dorna thinking of a "Save Teams Decree"

IRTA's President: "We're united to find a solution to save the teams. If they end up bankrupt, we won't be able to pick ourselves up."


The forced hiatus of the MotoGP championship is putting the MotoGP teams under strain, especially those in the lower classes that only go on thanks to their sponsors and to contributions by Dorna, which organizes the World Championship. Without races, however, the money doesn't arrive, and this can endanger their survival, as Giovanni Cuzari had explained to us.

Dorna is trying to find a solution with IRTA (the association that comprises all the teams), as its President, Hervé Poncharal - who is also the owner of the Tech3 team - explained to Speedweek.

All the teams get money from sponsors, and this is a problem right now because many of them will not be able to pay us,"  he explained. "We understand the financial problems of our partners. Then Dorna and IRTA give us a contribution for each Grand Prix but, at the moment, there are no races, so we don't receive funding from TV rights, for participation in the GPs, for travel, nor for other bonuses."

The incomes of the  teams are practically zero, and this undermines their survival. It's a known problem, and we're trying to batten down the hatches.

"We're talking and negotiating with Dorna ," he continued. "We have to find a solution and calculate a minimum amount that will allow the teams to survive until the season starts again. We're now discussing it with Dorna, and we're working on it with the teams."

In other words, the organizer would guarantee an advance to keep up the teams that have no income at the moment.

"Clearly, all the teams are very worried but, at the same time, we're aware that we are lucky to have someone who understands the situation like Carmelo Ezpeleta," Pocharal emphasized. "He has already talked about this with Dorna's owner, Bridgepoint Capital, and the company is aware of how serious the situation is."

For IRTA's President, the strength of motorcycling is the union of its members.

In Formula 1, there were various opinions between the teams and promoters at the Australian GP ," he recalled. "This doesn't happen with us. We're united. Dorna, FIM, IRTA, and MSMA act together. Our goal is to take care of all our employees, find a solution for everyone, and allow the teams to survive. Also, if most of the teams were to go bankrupt, when we started again, we wouldn't be able to race."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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