MotoGP, VIDEO, Donington 2000: Valentino Rossi's first triumph in the 500

Rossi's first sensational victory in the premier class of the world championship riding the Honda NSR 500 on the British track, where it had rained that day.


Races on the track have been suspended because of the Coronavirus pandemic and all fans, including us, are eagerly waiting to experience the moment when the engines wiil rev up again, so that we can enjoy new battles on the track, from the MotoGP to the SBK, passing through all two and four wheel motorsport categories. Right now, however, we must resign to having the engines turned off, hoping that everyone's sacrifice will help us return to normal, as soon as possible.

So now's the time for us to enjoy some of the gems of the past and relive Valentino Rossi's first victory in the 500 riding the Honda NSR, characterized by its unmistakable yellow color. He had taken off really badly, which often happens in the 500, but then Valentino recuperated, going from a 13th position during the first lap to his first world championship triumph. A real show that is worth reliving.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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