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MotoGP, Dovizioso: "This situation is a psychological blow for us riders"

"Having no fixed points is strange. We're used to having everything clearly scheduled. The double triptych will be difficult, but it's still early to think about it."

MotoGP: Dovizioso: "This situation is a psychological blow for us riders"


From working in the garage to working... at home. The life of every athlete (including riders) at the time of the Coronavirus emergency is very different from their classic routine, and Andrea Dovizioso is no exception. In an interview for Sky, the rider from Forlì explained how he's spending these days, where everything is conditioned by the obligation to stay home as much as possible.

“My training program has changed ," Andrea explained. "But my athletic training is not affected. Usually, it's all about the race weekend. Now I can focus on aspects that I usually leave out. I'm lucky because I have a shed near my house where I keep the bikes and do athletic training, so it's like a private gym. Otherwise, I use my free time to do some housework, like putting things in disorder."

The break they're forced into certainly did not soothe Dovizioso's analytical side, who also continues to study at home to improve.

"I usually study and watch motocross a lot, especially the American one. Now it's more difficult, but I'm looking for videos or technical articles related to these topics on the internet. I also spend time watching TV also try to research specific riders or situations."

Being analytical, Andrea also analyzes this moment, when (In Qatar) everything stopped even before it began.

“First of all, I was a little disappointed because Qatar is a good track for us, so I was confident and couldn't wait to get started. Secondly, there is an aspect that concerns us MotoGP riders. We're used to having everything scheduled in a precise way. The dates are the same, and also the times. Having certain fixed things for years is a habit, more than in other sports. So, not having those fixed points for us is a psychological blow. The most difficult thing is the postponement. It's going to last until May. You miss doing things, and it's difficult. You don't think about resting, you just want to say: 'I would like to go there, I would like to do this', but these are the facts, and we adapt to it."

In conclusion, all that remains is to think about the future, and the double triptych (Austin, Termas de Rio Hondo, and Valencia post Japan-Australia-Malaysia) that awaits the riders.

“It'll be difficult, and a lot will depend on your speed. If you're fast, you could win and take advantage of it. If you're having problems, you risk sinking completely. Anyway, I'm not looking at the calendar. It's still early, and the situation in the world could still change a lot. They're trying to understand the evolution of things even in Ducati. When it's certain that we'll leave on one date and end on another, I'll begin to think about it."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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