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MotoE, Ferrari: "Nice to finish 1st, but now returning home is a problem"

"We have to fly to Monaco and, from there, travel by car home. Avoiding the tests would have been better but, once I was on the track, I had fun."

MotoE: Ferrari:

The MotoE tests ended yesterday in Jerez, but the difficulty for the Italian riders and insiders comes now. Yes, because with the cancellation of flights to Italy by the Spanish government, returning home is far from an easy mission, as was confirmed by Matteo Ferrari, the fastest rider during the three-day test. “We're embarking now to fly to Monaco," Matteo said. "And, from there, we'll travel by car to go home. Unfortunately, there is no other solution, given the cancellation of flights."

Many have expressed their bad mood towards these tests, what's your thought?

“The problem is, as was said, the return home, but not only. Our telemetrist had to go home early, and the work was affected. And, of course, you always think about home. Let's say that, if they could have been avoided, it would have been better but, once on the track, we did our job. Luckily, everything seemed calm in Jerez, and this helped. Now we just have to suffer a bit to get home."

Do you have an idea of what awaits you at home? Do you already have an alternative training plan?

“I don't expect anything, also because the situation changes constantly. For now, I'll enjoy these tests where I had fun. At home, I have some equipment to train, even if it will certainly not be the same thing but, after all, we have to adapt to the dispositions like everyone else, and I'll figure it out."

Let's talk about the track. You closed the tests in front of everyone, like a full-reigning world champion.

“I'm happy, both for the final result and for the fact that I was quick in all the rounds, despite the different things I tried. In the last round yesterday, I wanted to improve further, but we went down the wrong road. It happens. In any case, I have to keep my feet on the ground, since new tires will arrive that could mix the cards on the table.”

Speaking of innovations. How has the Energy 2020 version changed?

“There's a new cooling system and more power, but nothing epoch-making. There were some small improvements in different sectors that certainly help. The most obvious change concerns acceleration. You feel the greater power."

During all three days, you and Granado seemed already faster than everyone else.

“Eric and I have some leeway over others at the moment, but it's always relative because, in the tests, many don't push all the way. I didn't do it myself. We need to take these results with a grain of salt."

Did anyone surprise you among the others?

“Smith and Simeon were quick with their pace. Even Tuuli grew session after session. Aegerter was very fast as a rookie. I think these will be the numbers on the field for the race too, assuming we'll do it, since we'll be racing on the same track. For my part, I will try to defend myself in the first few races, and then use my experience to try to adapt more quickly to changes than the others."

Translated by Leila Myftija

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