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MotoE tests start in Jerez, SIC58 Squadra Corse stuck home

The MotoE season starts tomorrow with technical innovations for the Energica and new riders. Unfortunately, Paolo Simoncelli's team won't be there, making a responsible choice. The team's headquarters are in Italy, where emergency measures were extended due to the Coronavirus.

MotoE: MotoE tests start in Jerez, SIC58 Squadra Corse stuck home

The second season of what is still the short history of the MotoE officially begins tomorrow. The electric category of the world championship managed entirely by the Italian Energica. The Modena-based company supplies the bikes to all the teams involved and, in the Jerez tests that will start tomorrow and last three days, the teams will have a first chance to test developments, also on the basis of the experience gained in the first season of races.

There are many innovations, and one of these relates to the sporting aspect because there are many new faces on the 2020 starting grid. Some veterans who took part in the debut season, such as Gibernau, De Puniet and Foray, have been replaced by younger riders who are probably as avid as Zaccone, Marcon, and Cardelus. Dominique Aegerter will also debut in the MotoE - after his not so happy experience in the Moto2 in 2019 - with Team MV Agusta and Jordi Torres, who will also race in the SBK with Honda Moriwaki.

The title will be defended by Matteo Ferrari, the first champion of the category, who conquered the first electric championship by beating Bradley Smith and Eric Granado - both on the starting line also for this second MotoE season - and who determined to snatch the Italian title.

Quick charge before the start, bringing the batteries back to 100%

In addition to the new faces on the track, they'll be some interesting technical innovations in 2020. The first involves the length of the races, which will increase by one lap for each GP. A result obtained thanks to the new fast charging station, which will be brought directly to the starting grid by the teams after the alignment lap. A solution that allows to bring the battery charge back to 100% before the green light, allowing to lengthen the race itself. All the necessary inspections will be carried out in Jerez and who knows if the duration of the races can be further increased.

Moto E: five stages and seven races in all, two races in Misano and Valencia

The championship will take place over five stages and seven races in all because, like in 2019, in this second season as well, two circuits will host a double appointment, which will again be Misano and Valencia, the final stage of the championship. The start of the championship will be in Jerez, and they'll also race for the first time in Assen this year, the second appointment on the calendar. The Red Bull Ring circuit in Austria will also host a championship stage.

During the MotoGP tests in Qatar, we spoke in depth with Michelin's Piero Taramasso, who spoke to us (read HERE) about the ideas of the French tire manufacturer for the category. There is a desire to bring completely "green" products to the track, and it's plausible that they started experimenting the necessary technologies in Jerez. In the first season, the tires used in MotoE were a mix between a front similar to that of the MotoGP and a rear from the SBK. There will be an evolution, and it'll also be interesting to understand how much the lap times can drop, thanks to the steps taken under this aspect.

SIC58 Squadra Corse won't be present, team blocked by the Coronavirus

Unfortunately, Paolo Simoncelli's team will not be in Jerez, since its headquarters is in Italy, where the country has extended its emergency measures by government decree. The team's can move freely, but Paolo decided to make a responsible decision, preferring to keep the team at home, at the cost of skipping an important appointment of the season. So, Mattia Casadei will have to wait before getting back on his Energica.

Translated by Leila Myftija

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