MotoGP, First case of coronavirus in Argentina, the Termas round is at risk

The first case of contagion in Buenos Aires casts a shadow over the South American round of the world championship. In 2019 we experienced all the passion of the place and cancelling it would be a real loss


The spread of the coronavirus shows no sign of slowing down and the first case of death linked to the disease has also been reported in Argentina. It is a 64-year-old man who returned to Buenos Aires on February 25 after spending a period in France. A few days after returning, the man manifested the typical symptoms of the disease, but after quickly being taken to the Argerich hospital in the capital, he died yesterday evening, according to a communication from the Argentine Ministry of Health.

It’s a real problem for the organizers of the Grand Prix at Termas di Rio Hondo, who less than one week ago confirmed (read HERE) that the South American round of the MotoGP world championship would go ahead as scheduled. Given the latest doubts relating to Austin, in these days the possibility of starting the world championship in Termas seemed to be becoming more and more likely, but a possible increase in the coronavirus problem in Argentina could obviously lead the local authorities to enforce restrictions regarding the entry into the country of European and Italian citizens in particular.

Losing the Argentine round of the world championship would be a real shame, because in 2019 we had the privilege of being present on the spot and the passion for motorcycling literally oozes from every corner of Termas during the days of the Grand Prix. The town located in the north of the vast country is literally invaded not only by Argentine motorcyclists, but also by enthusiasts from neighbouring Uruguay and Brazil. The motorbike carousel that invades the small spa town is an authentic spectacle, which we were lucky spectators of last season.

An event that undoubtedly recalls a more rustic type of motorcycling, perhaps more grassroots but also healthier. Perhaps the glamour of the European rounds is missing and objectively the organization does not even come close to that of the classic rounds of the world championship. Yet the appeal of the only South American MotoGP round is unmatched. Thinking about losing this ‘tango event’ is a blow to the heart not only from a sporting point of view, but also and above all from a human one. The hope obviously remains that the emergency will come to an end as soon as possible, making it possible for the tens of thousands of fans to invade the streets of Termas, making a racket, and creating total and absolute confusion. Motorcycling also needs this pinch of madness, which finds its stronghold in the Argentine round every year.

This is a video made on the Saturday evening before the 2019 round. Passion, noise and a lot of bikes. If this isn’t an awesome aspect of our sport, then we don't know what is.

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