MotoGP, The Friends: the friendship between Petrucci and photographer Farinelli

VIDEO - The videomaker Marco Benedetti told in a wonderful video the friendship that has existed for years between the Ducati MotoGP rider and one of the best photographers of the paddock

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A true friendship, that's what links Ducati MotoGP rider Danilo Petrucci and Alex Farinelli, one of the most appreciated photographers of the paddock. Videomaker Marco Benedetti has decided to immortalize this friendship in a very evocative video, in which both protagonists talk about the other, about how this bond that leads them to travel the world together was born.

It is a very similar story for the two of them, who have each earned a place of prominence for their role, with so much effort and sweat in a super competitive world like MotoGP. The period of forced stop of the world championship has given Benedetti the chance to make this little pearl and now we are curious to discover the next one.



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