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MotoGP, Capirossi: "Austin GP? We're following the situation, hour by hour."

Loris is in Qatar in his place at the Race Direction: "The goal is to complete in all the remaining races, with other possible changes to the calendar."

MotoGP: Capirossi: "Austin GP? We're following the situation, hour by hour."


The world championship started in Qatar, even without the MotoGP. The Moto2 and Moto3 will race in Losail tomorrow and, at the moment, this is the only certainty we have. The Coronavirus emergency is hitting the world hard and, of course, the sports world also has to deal with this epidemic.

"We're evaluating the situation not day by day, but hour by hour," Loris Capirossi, member of the Race Direction, assured. Loris managed to reach Doha since he resides in Montecarlo and has not been in Italy in recent weeks.

The former rider can only confirm what Dorna's CEO, Carmelo Ezpeleta, said the other day: “Our goal is to complete all the remaining races, but it's difficult to add more at the moment. Maybe there will be other changes. We'll somehow figure it out."

The city of Austin declared a state of local disaster today and has already canceled South by Southwest, an important festival dedicated to music and films. At this point, the Texas GP scheduled for April 5th is also at risk, and the next race would be Argentina.

"There are no particular problems in South America for now ," Capirossi underlined. "But, I repeat, we'll have to see how the situation will evolve, also in Europe."

We have to wait and hope for the best, aware that the MotoGP calendar could still change. However, the option of merging the MotoGP and SBK seems impossible. It would mean having six classes on the track. Too many for just one weekend.

Translated by Leila Myftija

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