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The new MotoGP calendar: Thai GP on October 4

While Aragon is brought forward to September 27, the Austin race is currently confirmed but there may be other changes

MotoGP: The new MotoGP calendar: Thai GP on October 4


An update to the MotoGP calendar has been published today. The biggest change concerns the postponement of the Thai Grand Prix from April 19 to October 4. As a result of the coronavirus emergency, the Buriram race had been postponed to a later date and it was decided to insert it at the end of the season, before the triple-header in the Far East.

To do so, the Aragon GP has been brought forward by one week, and it will now take place on September 27.

The rest of the calendar remains unchanged and the Grand Prix of the Americas, in Austin, is confirmed for April 5 as the first round for MotoGP. The situation, however, is constantly being updated and other changes in the coming weeks cannot be ruled out.

Here is the updated 2020 calendar:

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