No Austin, MotoGP is thinking about starting the championship in Spain

  POSSIBILITY: The coronavirus epidemic is also affecting the USA, putting the GP at risk: on April 5 the race could be at Jerez or Aragon


 The MotoGP calendar right now is a puzzle that is difficult to solve. The coronavirus epidemic is messing up all the plans and, what is even more difficult is that you cannot predict what will happen in the coming weeks.

At the moment, after the cancellation of the premier class race in Qatar and the postponement of the GP of Thailand, the first seasonal appointment should be in Austin, on April 5th. Even the USA, however, in these days, is facing the problem of infections and taking more restrictive measures on entry into the country, after in the last few days American Airlines and Delta had cancelled their flights to and from Milan.

Going to Texas, therefore, would be a risk and could be the same as what has already happened in Qatar. Dorna is therefore working on a possibility: to start the championship on April 5, but in Spain.

In other words, the Grand Prix of the Americas would be postponed and one of the Spanish races would be brought forward. One of the possibilities is to bring the Jerez race forward by about one month, and the other is to start from Aragon. Both options are interesting, and each would have the advantage of freeing up spaces in the calendar, where the missed GPs can eventually be inserted.

In this way, the championship would start in Europe, then move to Argentina for the next round.

The teams will have to rapidly prepare for this change, moving all their flights and preparing everything, but with one month at disposal it might be the best solution.


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