SBK, Jonathan Rea collects over 17,000 euros with the charity helmet auction

The auction organized to help BlazeAid, an association that is helping the victims of the fires in Australia, was undoubtedly a great success


Jonathan Rea raced the first stage of the SBK 2020 World Championship wearing a special helmet, a unique piece made by Aldo Drudi for this occasion. The five-time world champion has been very impressed by what has happened in Australia in recent months, with a fire emergency that has put a wonderful land to the test.

Hence the decision to auction the helmet through the Charity Stars website, and then donate the entire proceeds to the cause of BlazeAid, an association that is helping fire victims during this period. BlazeAid is a voluntary organization that provides support to families and people affected by natural disasters such as fires and floods in rural areas of Australia. Working alongside families, our volunteers help rebuild fences and other structures that have been damaged or destroyed.

The auction ended yesterday and raised 17,488 euros. The champion publicly thanked the author of the winning bid on his Instagram profile

In this video, the Making Of of the helmet auctioned by Rea.

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