MotoGP, Honda in difficulty goes to school in Noale: HRC spies on the new Aprilia

An HRC observer paid a lot of attention to the RS-GP 2020 in the pit lane. Does Honda seek inspiration from Noale's work to solve its problems?


Certainly a technician dressed in HRC colors who closely studies an Aprilia RS-GP is a great compliment for those at Noale. The technician in question was immortalized at a very close distance today in the pit lane while observing the new bike brought on track by Albesiano's team.

He probably wasn't able to learn all the secrets of a bike that seems to have been really well created and that today showed an excellent race pace with Aleix Espargarò. But certainly for Aprilia having such an attentive observer from Tokyo can only be a source of pride.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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