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The British rider: "Global Service Solutions had promised I would participate in the Supersport World Championship, but now I don't have a bike."

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This is the incident that has held center stage during the long Superbike winter. We're talking about the break up between Pedercini and Global Service Solutions. We wrote about it just before Christmas and, in the end, our doubts turned out to be well-founded. As we already know, Pedercini and GSS separated, while Torres and Savadori were left without a bike. The first will start with Moriwaki's Honda, the second as an Aprilia test rider.

Despite the obstacles and difficulties, Lucio Pedercini still managed to start a new project and, in a few days he'll be on the track at Phillip Island with Sandro Cortese. As for Global Service Solutions, many rumors have circulated in recent months. Initially, there was talk of continuing the adventure in the SBK with only Torres, then there were rumors related to the presence in the Supersport with Badovini and Smith followed.

The news of the past few hours is that Kyle Smith will not race. Through a press release, the pilot expressed his bitterness for what happened: "At the end of November, I knew that Pedercini and GSS would have separated," he stated. "Despite the situation that had arisen, Global Service Solutions however promised I would participate in the Supersport World Championship with my own structure and a competitive bike. I was supposed to get my contract during the week but, instead."

Instead, Smith got a big surprise: “On February 19th, 2020 I received an e-mail where Global Service Solutions stated they would not start the World Supersport 600 season, wishing me all the best for the future and many successes. All this, four days before flying to Australia.”

Smith didn't mince too many words in defining what happened and, in conclusion, he sent a message to the whole paddock:"Now that I don't have a bike, I'm available to race for any team that's interested".

Translated by Leila Myftija

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