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Max Biaggi and the Ferrari F40 in flames: a jewel has been lost

VIDEO - The Roman champion witnesses live the fire that destroyed a Ferrari F40 that was parked in Monte Carlo right under Max's house

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A tragedy. Here's what Max Biaggi told in his story on Instagram, published a few hours ago. The Roman champion has in fact found himself in the role of witness to a real tragedy for art lovers on four wheels. We can't call it anything else the Ferrari F40, which we also recently had the honour of testing on the track.

A model kept in perfect condition caught fire in Monte Carlo right near the house of Max Biaggi, who at that time was leaving for Jerez to join his Moto3 testing team on the Andalusian track. Biaggi filmed the scene, documenting the raw images of that beautiful red creature devoured by the flames. Yeah, it's just a piece of red metal. But if you have real passion, you know it's something else that caught fire.

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