Moto2, The Gresini team doubles to win

The Moto3 and MotoE teams with Alcoba, Rodrigo, Ferrari, and Zaccone were also presented. Gresini: "Having two bikes in each category completes our project."


The 2020 season for the Gresini team starts from the "Enzo e Dino Ferrari" racetrack in Imola, at least when it comes to the "Minor" classes, namely the Moto3, Moto2, and MotoE. And the team headed by Fausto Gresini will literally be present on all fronts this year, boasting a total of seven riders and a title of reigning champions, thanks to the first historic MotoE winner, Matteo Ferrari. The latter is one of the few to have been confirmed since last season, together with Gabriel Rodrigo in the Moto3, while the rest of the line up are all new. The new face in the Moto3 is Jeremy Alcoba, while it's Nicolò Bulega and Edgar Pons in the Moto2, and Alessandro Zaccone in the MotoE.

Who didn't change was Fausto Gresini. He confirmed his commitment in the World Championship and continues to be a point of reference for the two-wheel motorsports world. “Next season's theme is always the same: try to stay ahead as much as possible. Last year we struggled in the Moto3 and Moto2, so we'll double our commitment this year because it seemed like something was missing. Having two riders in the Moto2 kind of completes the project. We won with Ferrari in the MotoE, and it was special."

As for the riders, the first to step on the stage are the guys from the MotoE, starting with newcomer Alessandro Zaccone. "I'm an ambitious guy, and I really have a desire to do things. I want to work hard and learn and go fast, as soon as possible." At his side is the electric world champion, Matteo Ferrari. “It's a new challenge, even if we won last year. I want to prove myself again, and this team is the best place to do it. My goal is to get on the podium in every race. Then we'll see the final result. I still haven't fully realized that I'm a champion."

Then there's the Moto3, a category in which the team has focused both on continuity with Gabriel Rodrigo and on innovation with Jeremy Alcoba, champion last year in the CEV Moto3. "The tests went well, but I want to do things calmly," Alcoba started. "Also because I went from KTM to Honda, and I'll definitely have to work and learn." Rodrigo added, "I felt at home on the team last year, but misfortune didn't help me. Working with the team is easy and great. We started well, and we hope to continue along this line."

Closing the event in style was the Moto2, the most innovative category, with the addition of a motorcycle and two completely new riders, namely Nicolò Bulega and Edgar Pons. “I'm really happy to be here," the CEV Moto2 2019 champion started. "And now I'm ready for the new season. I want to try the bike to understand it, since I'll have to get used to the Triumph engine, but things are looking good."  Bulega will instead be on the other side of the garage. “I consider myself an ignorant rather than a reflective rider," he said laughing, "who has a lot to prove. I don't feel accomplished yet because there's no reason to. Changing scenery has done me good, and I'm very motivated."

Many riders will have a single coach with Manuel Poggiali, once again alongside Fausto Gresini. “The season seems to promise well in all the categories, at least according to the first tests. We have very promising and talented guys who are now grown-up in the world championship. We have to put them in the best conditions possible, and this is up to us as a team.

Translated by Leila Myftija

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