Moto2, Giovanni Cuzari: "With MV Agusta I see myself again in Enzo Ferrari"

"I can't compare myself to him but mine is a dream, just like his. The goal? Podiums, but I’m keeping my feet on the ground"


"Today we present the result of the work done this winter, but not only that", was how Giovanni Cuzari wanted to start his chat with us on the side-lines to the presentation of the MV Agusta racing team for 2020 which was held on Wednesday evening in Milan.

This sentence, however, was a recurring theme during the presentation itself where the team owner declared, with clearly all the differences, that he saw a bit of his own life in Enzo Ferrari’s first steps in building the Maranello Scuderia.

"Far be it for me to compare myself to Enzo Ferrari, but sometimes I see my path in him and just as he said, everything was born from a dream; the bike we present today is the result of that dream, born years ago when Claudio Castiglioni was still there and continued today with the Sardarov family. I dreamed of bringing this brand back to the track, and I did it. This is a small part that shows us that every project must be born from a dream. I’m used to dreaming and then to realizing my dreams".

The dream, however, already started last year with the first season of the new team that, albeit with ups and downs, has carved out a place for itself in the category. What was 2019 like?

"This project was born in mid-2018 and for that reason we didn't have many test days available, so much so that we used several rounds of the race weekends to try new parts. We got a great result at the end of the season and now we're heading towards a year that we hope will be full of satisfaction".

This year also marks the 75th anniversary of the birth of MV Agusta, surely this will give the team an extra boost…

"Yes, this year's bike brings new aerodynamics and some other technical details that should improve the performance on the track. We have two fast Italian guys, and it’ll be the stopwatch that will decide"

What are the sporting goals for this season? Where can MV arrive in such a competitive championship?

"The goal of anyone with a team is to get on the podium and it is my own expectation. I’m keeping my feet firmly on the ground; I know it is only our second season, we will take whatever our riders will give us".



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