SBK, Domenicali: "Ducati can win the title in both championships"

"In SBK we have won many races and we hope to concretize on that, in MotoGP we’re now in the Marquez era. Riders? We might not even change anything"


Ducati's 2020 season in Superbike is now officially underway, and expectations are high. This is demonstrated by the words of Claudio Domenicali, who has thrown down the gauntlet and underlined everything achieved by the Borgo Panigale manufacturer in recent seasons. “Superbike is a historic championship for us, and it should not be forgotten that we have been among the few to have been officially involved in recent years. We have won many races and we hope to achieve a lot more, expectations are high, and in the tests the riders were quick".

The same goes for MotoGP, where winning remains a forbidden dream…

"In MotoGP, in the same way we have the potential to win the title: we are currently living through the era of Marquez, who has put a lot of distance between himself and everyone else, especially in the last year, but there are many factors that can change the situation."

Still on the subject of MotoGP, the Ducati CEO underlined how difficult it still was to see the actual values of the riders on the track.

"Every season we start a bit from scratch, especially in MotoGP, where, among other things, the new tyres force all of us to find different bike balance set-ups to be quick. We historically have a limit in cornering speed, but in balancing the bike we have a lot of ideas for improvement. In the tests we were not among the fastest and neither was the world champion, but as we know in the tests you have to look at other things such as race pace, where the values ​​on track were very different to what emerged from the standings".

Speaking of values ​​on track, it is impossible not to talk about riders, but Domenicali remains on the defensive.

“We like to stay focused on the current season, although obviously we are carrying out studies and talks that will bear fruit. We might also not change any of the riders, I asked Paolo (Ciabatti) to adopt a position on the fact that it is not certain that we will change both riders at the end of the year: we have a three-time runner-up in the box, and Danilo has trained a lot and well during the winter. We have excellent riders in the Pramac team, as well as in Superbike, so in due time we will reveal our strategies".



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