SBK, Davies: "I’m not going to race with the anxiety of renewal"

Chaz: "We haven’t started to talk with Ducati yet, a lot will depend on how competitive I am with the Panigale V4"


His adventure in Ducati started in 2014, but the title hasn't come yet. Chaz Davies is fully aware of this and is gearing up for a 2020 season in which he wants to fight back. Last season left a bad taste in the mouth of the Welsh rider, who found himself having to get to grips with a Ducati bike that was not easy to mould to his liking.

Yet despite the difficulties, motivation is not lacking in the #7 rider of the Aruba team, who is intent on battling up front this year.

"After these winter tests there are some things that I like about the bike and some that I don't said Chaz – Obviously we have to analyse everything carefully. I say this because the conditions that we found for example at Portimao are different to those that we will have in September during the race weekend. Apart from that, the starting point is good, and I am enthusiastic about the job we’ve done".

Chaz, what level of confidence have you reached with the Ducati? Has the V4 changed  much since last season?

“To tell the truth, the bike has changed; in Bologna they’ve been working hard to bring some important updates. The bike has got a few small differences to 2019, but they are not big changes. In these tests I tried to work mainly on consistency, without looking for a fast time at all costs".

Still today we are talking about the title lost by Bautista. What do you think about it?

“I have my own idea. Alvaro had reached an incredible level of trust in the bike, but the moment he started making mistakes he lost his confidence. First there was the crash at Donington, then other errors that undermined his confidence . I don't think even he knows why he crashed so many times "

Is it right to call this season crucial, after which there is your contract deadline?

"Every season is crucial, there isn't one in particular. If I go home with a bad result, I’m always sad, it doesn’t matter what my contractual situation is. I just have to try to do my best at every race, with the knowledge that there is a world title up for grabs."

Have you already started to discuss it with Ducati?

"It’s a bit too early to start talking about contract renewal, because we have to see how competitive I am."

Is there a deadline?

"No, there is no precise date by which to make a decision, and neither will I be racing with the renewal on my mind. At the moment my goal is to be competitive on the track and try to give my best with the V4".

What has struck you about Redding?

"I am of the opinion that Scott and I will help each other to develop the bike to the fullest, especially in terms of balance. We both weigh the same, even if our riding style is perhaps a little different, because he's very smooth."

What do you think about the Honda?

"I haven’t really seen it yet; for sure, there is a lot of expectation about the CBR, we’ll see how it goes starting from Phillip Island."

Who’s going to win in Australia?

“Alvaro was strong there last year, but we’ll have to see how things go on the track. This year the level is very high, and everyone is quite close together".




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