MotoGP, Valentino Rossi: "Lorenzo as a coach is cool!"

"Having Jorge both in the garage and on the track is important. He and Pedrosa could go back to racing. I managed to improve with worn tires today."


Sometimes, reality exceeds fantasy. Rossi and Lorenzo became famous for the wall they put up between them in the garage when they were teammates while, today, they worked side by side in Sepang. Jorge was watching his ex-rival from the sidelines, then he stopped to talk to him, to give him advice as if he were his coach.

It was almost like watching a sci-fi movie, but the Doctor didn't complain at all about this incredible change. Actually, he knows he can be an ally.

Jorge is in great shape, really nice, and laid back. It looks as if when you stop your character improves. I hope that'll happen to me too!" he said as he burst out laughing. "Seriously though, I like talking to Lorenzo because his comments are always interesting. It was something I already knew, but having him here with us is important. Today he actually did act as an extra coach for me. He gave me advice, showed me trajectories, yet sometimes it's strange seeing him dressed normally while I'm still in a suit. But it's cool, and I see he's really involved."

Speaking of the old guard, Pedrosa ended the day with a third time.

I saw Dani riding this morning, and I realized that he was fast, which I already knew, but it seems like the KTM has also improved. He could start racing again. After all, he's younger than me. In fact, both he and Lorenzo could return,"  he said laughing. "It's nice to see that they also do all this just for the sake of riding. Jorge come out of some difficult years, but he got on the Yamaha, and he's rejuvenated. Dani didn't like the commitments and the pressure involved in racing in the championship, but both like to ride. They're both younger than me. They could end up returning."

Meanwhile Lorenzo will be on the track tomorrow with the M1 with you.

"I've spoken a lot with Jorge these days, and he told me many interesting things. I think his presence on the track tomorrow will be important because he'll be able to help us develop the bike."

Did you take stock of this second day with the Yamaha 2020?

It's incredible, everyone is very fast, but I'm not too far from the best. This second day was better than the first because I worked a lot on the new bike, without ever using the old one. Logically, we need more kilometers, but we've already found something good to improve the grip. Above all, the pace that I managed to keep with the worn tires was good."

You were 10th at 0”544 from Quartararo in the ranking. Satisfied?

Actually, I did my best time with the medium tire. It wasn't a real time attack. I don't feel very comfortable with the soft tire. It's too soft for me on the right side and, when I don't use it, it doesn't give me a great advantage. The positive thing is that we managed to improve when the tires were really worn."

Does this new Yamaha convince you?

The new M1 has better potential than the 2019, but we have to keep working because we still can't fully take advantage of it, and our opponents have also made progress. But it seems like we're going in the right direction."

What are your priorities now?

I think we have to work on top speed, but we also have several problems with the grip. The new frame is going in this direction. Even the new tires Michelin brought help but, unfortunately, everyone has them," he said laughing.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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