MotoGP, Brivio: "Rossi out of the official team? Yamaha amazed me."

Suzuki's team manager: "We're very close to a renewal with Rins and Mir. There is no #1 on the team, and we'll try to aim for the title."


Davide Brivio is a long-time manager and knows the MotoGP well, as well as Yamaha does. There are things, however, that still manage to amaze him, such as the decision they reached in Iwata to set Valentino Rossi aside starting in 2021, preferring Vinales and Quartararo.

"It wasn't an easy situation to manage. That said, yes, it surprised me,"  Brivio admitted during the presentation of the Suzuki team at the Sepang circuit. Fortunately, these are problems that do not concern him directly, even if the Doctor could perhaps end up knocking on his door.

A crazy question: What if Valentino came to ask you for two Suzukis for both him and his brother?

"I don't think that's possible. Our idea is to have a satellite team in 2022. You ask me this question, and I don't know what to answer anymore, " he said laughing. Our plan is to start in 2022. We'll also have to look for a team. We would need more information and help, but we'll have to wait."

Meanwhile, there are contracts to be signed with riders for the next two years. Are you late?

More than late, we're laid backed. We're talking to both riders, and the situation is laid back. They're happy to stay with us, and our goal is to keep them. I think it's just a matter of fixing some details, as it's been clear for some time now. Our goal is to renew with Alex and Joan."

Don't you fear a Ducati assault?

It seems to me that what they want is clear on both sides. I can say that all we need is to formalize it. I'm relaxed for now."

Do you already have an idea of the timing for the official announcement?

We'll do it when we're ready. We're in no hurry. I don't think before the championship. Not because there ar e doubts but because the internal process takes time."

You're starting with number one rider in the team?

No, they're both on the same level. Clearly Alex has a little more experience, but this does not mean that there's a number one. We'd like both of them to be, they inspire each other. The new material will be available to both of them."

What if the opinions were mixed?

"Let me say, we believe we have a good package, and we're trying to improve it. We have several things to test. If one were not to work well, we'll set it aside and carry on. If only one rider likes a part, he can still use it. It happened last year. Mir used a version of the frame that Rins didn't like. Joan asked us for a different riding position, so he'll get a new tank. If Alex wants to try it, it won't be a problem. The most difficult thing is selecting the engine because it must be the same for both riders. But luckily they both liked it, so we solved the problem," he said laughing.

Only you and Yamaha have remained faithful to the in-line 4-cylinder.

The 2020 engine is an evolution of last year's. We sought more power and maximum speed. The difficulty is not to compromise what was already good. Finding horsepower is not a problem for the designers, but the bike could end up being worse."

Will winning races be enough this year or do you want to fight for the title?

We must try to constantly improve. We know we have very strong and fierce opponents, especially Marquez, but we'll try. We'll start by trying to fight for the title, like everyone else."

Translated by Leila Myftija

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