MotoGP, BREAKING NEWS - Iannone: trial postponed, evidence throws a curve ball

A hair test was presented that would demonstrate the total absence of steroids since September 2019. Another ten days for the trial.  Iannone won't be in Sepang.


Andrea Iannone will not be in Sepang for the MotoGP tests because the verdict was delayed. What might seem like bad news could actually be positive because the reason that led to postponing the verdict is also based on the material produced by the rider's lawyers.

To prove Iannone's good faith and non-involvement in the doping case, the Aprilia rider's lawyers brought to the attention of the judges in Mies a hair test carried out by the A. Bertinaria Regional Anti-Doping Center in Turin. This is a very thorough test and often used by criminologists for its ability to recognize with extreme precision any substance taken in the months preceding the test.

The result of the test surprised both the judges and the prosecution, namely the FIM representative. The tests in question would, in fact, have proven the total absence of steroids since September 2019. The sample used for the test was obviously taken in Januar,y but this type of test  has a time frame for results that starts well before the sample taken from Iannone in Malaysia.

The hearing, which lasted about four hours, made the judges decide to postpone the trial but, while the prosecution has asked for ten days to be able to examine the evidence and then reply to the documents presented by the defense, the judges shortened the time. The prosecution already had the material in its possession since January 31st. In fact, the prosecution was given only five days to better verify the results of the test and Iannone's lawyers will have an extra five days to reply to the allegations.

A  decision has, therefore, not been reached, but it is clear that the scenario today is better than what was expected. Iannone will skip Sepang but, if he's proven innocent, the rider could be on the track in Qatar, if not for the last official tests, at least for the GP season.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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