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Dalla Porta: "Moto2? Easier to go from middle to high school"

"I can't wait to try the bike in the dry, already in the wet I had fun. My teammate will be the first one I will study, with humility and desire to work"

Moto2: Dalla Porta: "Moto2? Easier to go from middle to high school"


The first Italian to win the title in Moto3 is ready to leave his mark in Moto2 too. We are talking about Lorenzo Dalla Porta, who is gearing up to start his first season in the middle class riding the Kalex of the Italtrans team, one of the benchmark structures in the category. The Tuscan can't wait to start this new adventure and, looking at his new ‘companion’ in this adventure – the bike – he can’t hide his mad desire to try it as soon as possible.

Lorenzo, how did you spend this winter as a world champion?

“Winning the world championship motivated me to train even more, I have started a new challenge and I really want to try the bike in dry conditions, since in the last tests I could only ride in the wet. My mouth is watering, let's say, and I can't wait for the next tests to arrive. "

Has anything changed in your life after the title victory?

“For me life is the same, maybe some people have changed their approach: after winning the title I became more well-known, and if I go out with friends, many people recognize me. Apart from that, I am the same, with the same desire and the same objectives ".

What do you expect from the start of the season?

"I hope it’s easy to adapt, perhaps it is more difficult to go from middle school to high school (laughs). I won’t have many tests to prepare, so it will be important to work well and in the shortest possible time. I don't know what to expect but I believe in the team and they in me, and I think this is already a good starting point ".

What are your first feelings about the Kalex?

“I hope the bike is easier than my expectations, there are many fast riders and seeing twenty riders in one second is almost crazy. I can say that the bike is certainly fun to ride, since I already had a lot of fun in the dry. "

Can we expect Dalla Porta to immediately be among the top guys?

“If I can do well right away it would be excellent, otherwise I will work even harder. I’m not putting pressure on myself because I think it's negative, I just have to work hard day after day ".

Does the 2019 title enable you to face this rookie season in a different way than in the past?

“I will always remember the fact that I won a title, but you must always remain humble and down to earth: now I am in a new world and you need to stay focussed. I don't want to just settle for that, and I go to the races to win like everyone else. I want to have a clear mind, since it has always paid off. "

Alongside in the garage you will have Enea Bastianini, what is the relationship like between you?

"In 2018 we spent a good season together, although we were both a little bit hit by bad luck. He is a funny guy, I feel OK with him and I hope it is possible to help each other out, for example in the practice sessions. In the combination of someone from Romagna and someone from Tuscany, the result is a piadina with steak (laughs)".

Last question. Who do you think you can take inspiration from to quickly adapt to the category?

“I saw Marini in great shape at the end of the season, as was Fernandez, Navarro, also Di Giannantonio. My teammate will be the first one that I will look at since I will have his data available, I will try to steal as many secrets as possible to be quick, it will be essential to be careful on the track and learn ".


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