Redding: "Ducati SBK? Having ridden in MotoGP helps me"

"If you want to fight for the title you have to be quick in all conditions, and today I have improved. In the team there is a family atmosphere and no barriers, it can be the winning ingredient"


Scott Redding's new life in Superbike started with the rain, but this did not take anything away from the British rider’s good mood. Fourth place at the end of the day is undoubtedly positive, but what satisfied Redding the most is the work done with the tyres.

“The rain wasn’t good news - he said - but the day was still quite useful for me, especially to get to know the Pirelli tyres. Last year I wasn't able to work much on rain tyres, so I always hoped I wouldn't have to run in the wet. Today, however, after a difficult first session things improved, also thanks to some changes, so I felt more comfortable on the bike ".

Another point that Scott has worked on is his riding style, in view of the different situations that will test him over the course of the season.

“I also worked a lot on myself, as in the wet it’s difficult to really develop the bike. I tried to understand the different layouts of the track and at the same time get to know the bike and adapt it to my style. Everyone prefers the dry including me, but if you want to fight for the title you have to be quick in all conditions. We must therefore also work in the wet, today we improved, and I am happy about that: usually I am a fast rider in the wet, and the progress made today will help me".

Despite the few kilometres completed, the Briton gives his initial impression of the Panigale V4, or at least on the style needed to ride it.

 “To ride this bike, you need a mixture of styles. In BSB it was more similar to Moto2 without having the electronics, but in general I think it depends mainly on the tyres. For sure, having been on a MotoGP bike can only help, and if I could ride like I did in the year I fought for the title in Moto2 it would certainly not be a problem."

Leaving aside the action on the track for a moment, Redding has some good words to say about his team and confirmed its objectives.

"I’m in a great team, and there was immediately a good feeling. With Serafino (Foti ed.) I already had a good relationship before. There is a family atmosphere, everyone talks to everyone and there are no barriers, which can be one of the winning ingredients. If I didn't think I could fight for the top I wouldn't have embraced this project, I wanted a factory bike because I want to win. The bike is competitive, everyone says that, the team believes in me and I believe in them".

In conclusion, he has time for a comment about the Honda.

"I haven't seen it in action, I've seen photos and it certainly looks good. Haslam was fast in the wet but it’s early to have an opinion, I still have to think about my situation. We often let ourselves be distracted by others, but this can be counterproductive, we have to work only on ourselves".


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