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MotoGP, Biaggi: Putting myself to the test in Sepang after the accident. I'm fine.

Max confessed that he had prepared that test to a tee and had gotten back his speed. Just a whim or something more?

MotoGP: Biaggi: Putting myself to the test in Sepang after the accident. I'm fine.

There was lots of talk about Max Biaggi in the past few weeks, we could say "thanks to" Romano Albesiano, who had brought up Biaggi's name as a possible tester in Sepang. So the fact that the Corsair had flown to Malaysia a few days earlier to ride on the RSV4 X had increased everyone's curiosity.

Max will not be on Noale's MotoGP at the end of next week,  (as we had already mentioned) and he wanted to communicate it in first person to all his fans, using his social media channels.

It was a personal decision. The desire to put himself to the test and face his fears, which he reached after the accident (that occurred when training with the supermotard in Latina in June 2017), and which almost cost Biaggi his life.

His DNA is still the same, like his speed genes, and Max made himself available for Aprilia. He won't be riding the RS-GP any time soon, but never say never in life.

These were his words:

Hi, guys.

I'd like to share some thoughts with you.

I really wanted to test in Malaysia with my RSV4, since it had been planned well in advance. On that occasion, I also had the pleasure of participating in an event with Aprilia Malaysia and met many fans.

I went to the other end of the world because I wanted and needed to put myself to the  test on a circuit that has represented so much for me.

Three years after the bad accident I had in Latina, and with my relentlessly advancing age, believe me, it took some time to recover certain mechanisms.

With 160 laps in three days in Sepang, I tested my body and my mind, to figure out if everything was now behind me. Being able to overcome this obstacle was a huge satisfaction, both as a rider and personally! Today, I can say that I've totally gotten over the accident that almost cost me my life. This is the greatest satisfaction that I can get from the three days of testing in Malaysia! The excellent times I managed to get are the natural consequence of planned and painstaking work and a speed that still hasn't bloody abandon me. This is the true spirit of the three test days on the Sepang circuit.

And, with regard to this, I wanted to be the first to tell you that I won't be in Malaysia for the MotoGP tests.

Several events that have occurred allowed all of us to formulate a series of hypotheses so, with peace of mind, I have to say that neither I nor Aprilia had ever planned a test!

I'm proud to be brand ambassador for Aprilia, and if my friends from Aprilia Racing were to need me in the future, I'll be there.

I've never been afraid of challenges. On the contrary, I've always tried to work relentlessly to try to overcome them.

Way to go Aprilia... always!

Stay tuned...


Translated by Leila Myftija

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