MotoGP, Marquez in doubt for Sepang: no reassurance for Honda in the video

The world champion is trying to recover from surgery on his right shoulder, but in an Instagram video he points out the difference in muscle tone with the left one


He said it on the stage of the award ceremony for the best Catalan sportsman of the year: "I don't know if I will be at Sepang, the right shoulder is recovering from the operation in a different way from how the left did in the past, I didn't expect it" .

Now, with a video posted on Instagram, Marquez seems to confirm his doubts by asking fans to "find the differences" between his right shoulder - the operated one - and the left one in full shape. To date, however, there is no official news and Marquez is normally supposed to take part in the tests, but the words of the world champion and the video (which you can find below) give no reassurances to Honda.


Translated by Julian Thomas

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